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Scents of Home

Scents of Home aims to explore food through scent as a mnemonic aidIn particular, this workshop is focused on bonds created through everyday eating rituals that has kept the community and culture alive and together.


Memories of War

The Memories of War: Photography Exhibition / Listening Stations is a series of portraits of members in Chicago's Korean American and Vietnamese American communities. Quotes were pulled from the oral history interviews conducted by students in the research seminar to complement the photography.


Past Work

1-2 Sculptural work and video for PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ - an interactive multi-media exhibition that explores the relationship between bodies, shifting landscapes, and cultural memory in Vietnam. prism-langkinhlangtru.com

3 Poster design for PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ.

4 Informational guide for Scents of Home workshop by Axis Lab at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

5 Poster design for Letters Home | Freedom/Time, a two-part film projection series on the walls of the Cook County Jail in Chicago, the largest prison in the US with a total site area of ninety six acres. Event organized by artist Maria Gaspar's 96 Acres.

6 Promotional design for Abundance, an improvised performance piece led by Patricia Nguyen. Featured at Links Hall in Chicago.

7 Website design for artist | educator | scholar, Patricia Nguyen. Her work is deeply rooted in cultivating spaces for healing and political empowerment.

8 Branding Identity for AIA Designight 2017